2022 QB Lachlan Rosmalen Talks Football Season and New Offense with San Clemente

Posted on November 27, 2019 in High School Quarterbacks, Lachlan Rosmalen.

As published on RecruitingNewsGuru.com Written by Ryan Wright

The progression on the field is an ear mark on the upside and potential one has on the gridiron. Based off the 2019 season, the future is very bright for Class of 2022 quarterback Lachlan Rosmalen. With the look of an Old West gunslinger, the 6-1, 200-pound, took to the field for St. John Bosco’s junior varsity team rifling is way for 2,000-plus yards with 38 touchdowns going on the board leading his squad to a league title. As challenging as it was going against his peer group on the field, practices with the Braves may have been harder. Bosco is the nation’s No. 2 ranked team nationally (MaxPreps) with an 11-1 record. The roster is loaded with five-, four-, and three-star seniors and juniors and with future highly coveted recruits that will align the star rankings for years to come.

After the 2019 regular season with the Braves ended, Rosmalen transferred from Los Angeles area St. John Bosco to Orange County’s San Clemente High School. Covering his growth on the field during the 2019 campaign and the style of offense he will be running in 2020 with the Tritons, I sat down with Rosmalen for a one-on-one interview.


Lachlan, how did the 2019 season go for you playing JV ball with St. John Bosco?

“The 2019 season, it went really well. I learned a lot with my team. It was a building season getting me more experience. At the Bosco level, it is always competitive. We won league; we had a really good season.”

Suiting up and practicing against all the five-, four-, and three-star talents on the Bosco roster had to be a great learning experience for you. What were some of the things you learned in practice about playing at an elite level against California competition?

“The preparation it takes even for practice. I learned everything you need to do to just to go into practice against that level of competition. Playing against that level of competition at Bosco teaches you how to hold your head high. As the coaches say at Bosco, “if you are not ready you will be exposed.” I learned how to compete against elite level guys and be ready for my opportunity.”

Being in the QB meeting room and on the field with 2020 talent DJ Uiagalelei (Clemson) had to be a great experience for you as well seeing how a five-star quarterback conducts himself preparing during the week and in-games. What have you learned this season from watching DJ?

“From DJ I have learned that no matter the adversity or situation, he never loses his head and remains calm. The way he holds himself as a leader and holds the young guys accountable for our jobs is something else that I learned from him. I have learned what it takes to keep a routine on game day. You never go away from your routine. You stick to the plan, follow the coaches, and be a leader at all times.”

How did your skillset grow this season?

“From freshman season, JV, to varsity, the speed of the game is picking up. I got better at knowing what the defense is doing pre-snap. It was better for me this season running RPOs (run-pass option) and understanding what is going on with protections – telling my linemen and running back what is happening. My skillset grew knowing how to react when a pre-snap defense changes.”

What do you feel are the strengths to your overall game now?

“Some of the things I do well, throwing on the run, I am not much of a runner but I can extend plays with my feet. I can throw on time really well. Knowing defenses; I can tell what guys are doing before they do it.”

You transferred to San Clemente, what type of offense will you run with the Tritons?

“We will mainly be a Spread-Air Raid offense. This year, we had an RPO based offense around the QB who was an excellent runner. We will try to highlight all our D-I receivers as much as we can in 2020.”

With the offseason here, what will you work on with your technique?

“This season it is about making me quicker and sudden, but not trying to go too fast. I will work on quicker pocket movement and use my feet in a better way to make better athletic throws. I will also work on not being just a systematic or robotic quarterback but one who can make throws at all angles at all times. The goal is giving myself more ability to make any throw even from a weird position.”

Which other parts of your game are you going to fine-tune to take to the next level?

“Working on picking up defensive fronts and picking up on twists and blitzes. That is one of the things I did not have a great grasp of this season. With defensive backs and linebackers, I picked up on them well. The blitzes and twists, I want to learn more about what to pick up from fronts and linebacker positioning.”

When will you start throwing with your new teammates?

“We are having downtime right now. Most of the receivers are going into basketball. In about two months before spring, around the time basketball ends we will start throwing together.”

Until spring ball starts up with the Tritons, what are your goals?

“I want to build more of a bond with my teammates. I want to get athletically better, keep doing well in school, and be in the best position to compete for a starting job this spring. We will have a great season next season, I cannot wait to get on the field to start my high school journey.”

Lachlan, thanks for your time today and good luck with your offseason workouts.


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