Interview: 2020 QB Marshall Eucker Updates Season and Previews Visit to Washington State

Posted on October 31, 2018 in High School Quarterbacks, Marshall Eucker.

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La Costa Canyon has been a gritty team during the 2018 high school football season rising to the challenges of a California Division-I schedule. The offense continues to grow under first-year starting quarterback Marshall Eucker. The 6-5, 200-pound, quarterback has developed into a gunslinger with an arm that can make any throw needed, has touch on his passes beyond his years, and has surprising speed for his size. With the Mavericks earning a No. 1 seed after a 6-3 season, Eucker and the team await the winner of the Mission Hills verses Rancho Bernardo game before making their way into the playoffs… a perfect time for an RNG catch-up interview.


Marshall, the Mavericks have played some tough teams this season in the Avocado League and during the non-conference part of the schedule. How did all of the tough games this season help make you a better all-around quarterback?

“We have played against a lot of really good defenses this year. Playing at a high level and against good defenses has helped me develop seeing the field better and quickened my progressions. I am also moving in pocket better and developing better timing with my receivers.”

From Week 1 to Week 10, how did your overall game improve this season?

“Since the start of the season, my arm strength has gone up. I have played through an injured shoulder and have gotten stronger. My progressions have improved a lot. Coming up to varsity level this year, the windows close faster, you have to be more accurate with your passes. I am seeing the field better now than when the season began.”

I have to think that your teammates and coaches love you for your mentality in the pocket. You hang in there and deliver the ball downfield to your play-makers even when you know you are going to take a shot. That ability is not instilled in everyone, how have you worked to that point?

“I spent a lot of time in the weight room, that helps me knowing I can take hits. I know I have the strength to throw downfield with a guy on me. Luckily, my offensive line has been helping me and has done a great job blocking for me this season. I haven’t taken too many hits this year.”

You have another knack of being able to throw accurately with different arm angles with defenders in your face. Do you practice that or is that just something that comes naturally to you?

“I do practice that with my quarterback coach, Danny Hernandez. We work on pocket movement, arm angles, and a toss step going to the flats to the left and realigning your hips. I have done that a couple of times this year in games. Coach Hernandez has helped me throw from different angles which has paid off in games.”

Is there a part of your skillset that you may not to get to showcase in games but if called upon you have it in the tool belt?

“I think I run well and I see holes well. I used it some in the first game and over the last couple of games. When our running back went down, I have been running more. I have not utilized my running abilities a lot this year.”

That was along the lines of the next question I had for you. I have to ask you about your speed. You are a lot faster than you may appear. What is the fastest 40-yard dash time you’ve posted?

“A 4.9 last year.”

You are a lot faster than that now.

“Thank you.”

Which game was your personal best this season?

“I think my best game was against Mission Hills. It was cancelled because of lightening, but we were rolling in the first quarter. I played well against Cathedral as well. I had some good throws and a big run in there.”

How did you prepare for each game during the season?

“We watch a lot of film to get our game plan together. Are they are running a cover 4 or cover 3? Are we going to flats or are we going to run pick routes on man coverage? That is the biggest part of the preparation is watching film. By scouting them, we know which corner is weak, their best linebacker and best pass rusher, and who does not drop well into pass coverage.”

What is the scenario for you guys with the playoffs?

“We have the No. 1 seed and a bye this week. Our first game in the playoffs will be against the winner of the Mission Hills verses Rancho Bernardo game.”

Are you going to go to that game to watch it for some early scouting?

“No. I am actually going to Washington State for their game against Cal this weekend.”

Nice transition. Which other schools are showing interest?

“The other school showing a lot of interest is San Diego State.”

Have you visited SDSU yet?

“Yes. I have taken three visits to SDSU.”

How did the SDSU visits go?

“They won all three of them. SDSU is my hometown team, I like them. Go Aztecs.”

With the planned visit to Washington State, what has you excited about visiting the Cougars?

“I have always been a big fan of Washington State. They are the No. 1 team in Pac-12. This is a big game, I am excited about seeing the game. My dad went to school there.

Do you have any other visits planned upcoming?

“I will go to all the SDSU home games if it lines up right.”

Marshall, I appreciate your time today; great catching up. Good luck in the playoffs and good luck with your visit to Pullman this weekend.

“Thank you.”

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