Interview: 3-Star 2020 QB Marshall Eucker Updates College Camp Circuit

Posted on June 24, 2019 in High School Quarterbacks, Marshall Eucker.

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There are a lot of superlatives that can be laid upon the game of Marshall Eucker’s play in the pocket for La Costa Canyon, yet not all of the descriptions may full embody what he brings to the field for his squad. The 6-5, 218-pound, quarterback is the complete package with a canon for an arm, tough – willing to take a hit to get the ball out to his playmakers, and his game speed is shocking, especially for someone his size. With the physical giftings also comes the cerebral approach to the game backed by his 4.33 cumulative GPA and 1460 scored on the SAT. For all that he brings to the game for the Mavericks and what he can do for a collegiate squad, the three-star recruit is an under the radar prospect by most accounts… a hidden gem waiting for the right program.

In an RNG stylized catch-up interview, I sat down with one of California’s top quarterbacks covering his offseason workouts and college camp circuit.


Marshall, how did your game progress on the field throughout your junior year?

“The progression was great. Early on, I was getting used to the varsity speed and how everyone plays. I got a great sense of what I need to do as a quarterback to help us win more games. Last year, I got better at making reads, my timing, and reading spacing. I improved on my ability to read coverages and on finding the holes. One of my best improvements is seeing the hole on running reads. That made me a better run threat as well.”

You have a strong arm and you can throw with touch, is there a part of your passing game that maybe gets overlooked because it does not show up on the stat sheet?

“I am really good with my quick game ability and my pre-snap reads. I can get it out quickly; that is one of the best aspects of my game. It is an easy completion with big play possibilities.”

Another thing I have always been impressed by with you is your foot-speed, especially for your size. Have you posted a 40-yard dash this spring or summer?

“I ran one at my gym. I ran a 4.95.”

Your game speed with your long stride, you look faster than that.

“Thank you.”

Have you been developing that part of your game this offseason?

“Yes. For sure. I have worked on sprint mechanics. In spring ball, we worked on it. We did walk-throughs on the run-read plays for muscle memory on how it will go.”

What else have you been working on with your game this offseason?

“I have been working on my mechanics. My focus has been improving my throwing mechanics and making my motion better. I have worked a lot on tying my footwork to the route to get the best timing possible with accuracy. I have worked on my deep ball a lot. I have been throwing to my receivers a lot. We have that chemistry on how they run their routes and where they will be.”

At this point in your high school career, what do you feel are the strengths to your game?

“My strengths are my ability to read the field, the different checks and coverages, knowing my receivers’ timing, identifying match-ups, and making throws needed into tight windows. I have strong leadership qualities as well. I make sure everyone is in the right spot and they know their responsibility to help the team win.”

Have you competed at any camps this summer?

“Yes. I have gone to two Redlands camps – Washington, Rice and Utah State were at the first one and the second one was Washington State and San Jose State. I have also been to camps at USC, San Diego State, UCLA, and I went up to Boise State for a camp.”

Of all the camps, which was your best performance?

“The Redlands camps.”

What were you able to showcase at those camps?

“I did a great job showing off my arm talent. I did a good job of being the guy there. I led the charge at the camp by putting guys into position to help the camp run smoothly.”

Are there any more camps on the schedule?

“Yes. I am going to the QB Collective Camp.”

After all the college camps, which schools are showing interest?

“I am receiving interest from San Diego State, Boise State, San Jose State, Rice, and Wyoming.”

I know you have picked up your first offer, which program offered you?

“William and Mary.”

Which schools have you visited this offseason?

“Boise State, San Diego State, Maryland, and UNLV.”

Tell me about the Boise State visit, if you will?

“It was awesome. I threw for the coaches and did the team camp afterwards; I took part in that. I got a tour of their facilities and I talked to Coach (Zak) Hill (OC/QB). It was awesome.”

And the San Diego State visits, how did that go?

“That was great as well. I got a tour of the locker room and the facilities. We were there for the “Hometown Hero Day”. I talked to some of the guys that play there who are from San Diego. It was cool to see the hometown guys and hear what they had to say about playing for San Diego State. We were there for a 7v7 tournament. I had a great time with the visit and I did well in the tournament.”

Are there any visits you may take this summer?

“I am planning on visiting Rice in July.”

Marshall, it was great catching up with you today. Good luck with the rest of your offseason workouts and with your trip to Rice.

“Thank you.”

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