Interview: Talented 2021 California QB Miller Moss Updates Season and Recruiting

Posted on September 19, 2018 in High School Quarterbacks, Miller Moss.

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So much of recruiting is identifying talent early and then trying to gauge the upside of said talent – just how far and how much that talent may grow. When watching Alemany High School’s Class of 2021 quarterback Miller Moss work his trade in the pocket, it is hard to not get excited about his potential going forward at the high school and collegiate levels.

In 2017, Moss was one of those rare freshmen that was able to crack a California Division I varsity roster. He appeared in four games for Loyola High School completing 33 of 55 for 350 yards with two touchdowns and added a rushing score against Mission League talent. While still competing against Mission League players in 2018, Miller is ripping it up for Alemany High School, and doing it well. The Warriors are 4-1 with their lone loss coming against nationally ranked Oaks Christian. Through the first part of the season Miller has completed 89 of 148 attempts for 1,141 yards with eight scores in head coach Casey Clausen’s offense.

The talents of the 6-2, 195-pound, field general are impressing next level scouts. Two offers have been extended by San Jose State and Yale with schools spanning the Pac-12 and SEC showing interest.

In a Recruiting News Guru catch-up interview, Miller and I sat down for a one-on-one covering his sophomore season to date with an overview on his recruiting process.

Miller, sophomores are not supposed to step on the field and do as well as you are doing against Division II California competition. What all has been working for you to the halfway point of the regular season?

“What has benefited me is confidence. Confidence is big in football. How you view the game mentally will affect how well you play. The way I prepared in the offseason gave me confidence, that is something I did not have last year. My confidence is taking my game to another level.”

After transferring from Loyola, how did you develop such great chemistry so quickly with your receiving corps?

“We have a great bond on and off the field. We are close, that is not something I have had before. I am playing with my best friends. We go places on the weekend together and we go throw outside of practice. Being friends off the field benefits us on the field.”

Coach (Casey) Clausen is well-known for his work with quarterbacks, how is he helping you develop as a quarterback?

“Coach Casey played in the NFL, he is able to bring a different perspective to my play. He has done everything I am doing and want to do already. He is not impressed per se if I throw for 300 yards, he has done it. He is critical in a good way to help me improve my game. If I have a big game, he still has coaching points for me. He always helps me improve on things.”

Which areas of your game as a quarterback have shown the most improvement this season?

“My physicality is different from last season. I have always been accurate and able to make plays, but the weight room and running in the offseason has changed my game. I am making throws I was not making before with better arm strength.”

What are some parts of your game you are constantly working on week to week?

“Footwork is big with Coach Clausen. Preparation is a huge part of my preparation. I am learning how to prepare for an opponent. Coach Clausen has showed me how to watch film, what to look for, and how to understand defenses better. On the field, I now have confidence knowing what I am looking at and what I can do out there.”

You guys bounced back from a tough game against Oaks Christian to beat Downey (20-14), how did that game go for you?

“I think, for me and the team, it was good to bounce back with a win like that. For me, I approach every game the same. I am confident going into every game, even against a top team like Oaks Christian. Other than Oaks, Downey was better than the other teams we have played. I just gave the ball to my play-makers and let them make plays.”

The Warriors have a bye week this week, what is the plan for you over the bye?

“Coach Clausen told us we are attacking the week as a team. This is a week to improve. We have work to do and things that need to be worked on before our next game.”

When you come back you get your old team Loyola, what will that be like for you lining up against your old teammates?

“It will be interesting. I’d be lying to say it is another game. This one means more to me. No doubt they will come after me, but I am excited for it.”

Going into recruiting. Which schools are showing interest in you but have not offered yet?

“My QB coach, Danny Hernandez, knows more about that than I do. I am receiving mail from Mississippi State, USC, and Washington. I have been in contact with Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, and Colorado.”

Which schools have offered you so far?

“I have offers from San Jose State and Yale.”

Which schools have you visited already?

“I have taken unofficial visits to Yale, Prince, and Harvard (summer). I went to USC as well.”

Do you have any planned visits upcoming?

“I am planning to go to Cal over Thanksgiving break – for their game against Colorado.”

Last question. The College Football Playoff, which four are going to make it?

“Alabama for sure, I don’t see them getting beat with Tua at quarterback. Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and Ohio State. I don’t see OU making it.”

Miller, thanks for your time today and good luck with the big game against Loyola.

“Thank you.”

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