Team Dime LA

Like most kids, Danny Hernandez fell in love with the game of football when he was just a kid. He had wild aspirations of playing as a professional, but as his love and understanding of the game evolved, he felt a stronger calling: to become a coach.

He was inspired to teach young men when he first started coaching his eldest son in Junior All-American Leagues within the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, California.

His experience and skillset helped Coach Danny to hone in on his newfound passion of educating and training athletes who wanted to excel in high school football, had dreams of playing in college, and beyond. His goal was clear: to build better men through football. He’s keenly aware that football is just a game and a player’s time will not last forever, but while playing the toughest position in all of sports – a quarterback – Coach Danny’s hope is to cultivate strong characteristics that will help these young men become great fathers, husbands, business owners, and community leaders

Over the course of 15+ years, Coach Danny has trained and mentored numerous quarterbacks, most notable include: Bryce Young (NFL Carolina Panthers), Jake Maier (CFL Calgary Stampeders), Malik Murphy (University of Texas), Malachi Nelson (University of Southern California), Caleb Williams (University of California), Jaden Rashada (Arizona State), and Julian Sayin (Alabama commit). Coach Danny is dedicated to helping each of his trainees navigate the overall recruiting process, and his efforts have allowed him the opportunity to work with two Heisman Trophy winners – Bryce Young and Caleb Williams. He currentlv works with over 50 D1 quarterbacks. Coach Danny has several years of experience working with QB Collective, as well, and prides himself on fostering and maintaining excellent relationships with coaches throughout college football and the National Football League.